Osterville Village Library services for K-12 schools and local preschools include:   

  • Book Loan Services: Email, call, or visit us 2 weeks ahead of time and we will compile a collection of up to 25 books and media tailored to a specific lesson topic. [Books can be loaned for 4 weeks with your ‘educators’ library card’ and renewed for 2 additional weeks.]  


  • Class Field Trips: Email, call, or visit us to set up a field trip to our library for:
    • student research, storytimes or booktalks
    • an introduction to our library building and collections
    • a lesson on how to search for and place reserves on books/media in the CLAMS catalog
    • a lesson on how to download ebooks onto a tablet from our OverDrive collection.


  • Student Displays: Do you have a special collection of students’ writings, artwork or projects that you would like displayed for the public to enjoy? Contact us to talk about the possibilities; we’ll even help you host a bring-a-parent-to-the-library event.


  • Early Chapter Books - Early chapter books are simple, short, illustrated fiction. They are written and designed to help new build their reading stamina and mileage.
  • Fantasy Books for Children - research indicates that fantasy fiction and fantasy play can benefit kids. Engaging with fantasy can stimulate creativity and boost vocabulary.
  • Mystery Books for Children - A story that involves a mystery, puzzle or riddle also provides encouragement to children, as if to say, "no one has all the answers, but if we use our heads and think, we can figure this thing out."
  • Fairies, Mermaids, Unicorns & Princesses - Fairy tales, oral stories, folk tales, and other myths and legends have been shared orally to help children develop self-understanding and mature into well-rounded human beings since ancient times. In modern times, read-aloud fairy tales can instill a love of reading, improve vocabulary, develop creative thinking, increase intelligence, and more!
  • Cars & Trucks & Boats & Train Books - Children of all ages love things that go beep, choo-choo, vroom and zoom  and at the same time learn about transportation.


Community as Classroom 
Every service the Osterville Village Library offers to traditional teachers we offer to homeschooling parents as well… and more.

Ask us about: book loan services, student displays, and class field trips

Our library spaces are available to groups of homeschoolers for lessons and events. On your next library visit, talk with our Youth Services Librarian (a former homeschooling parent) about programs and services tailored to fit your needs.

Contact us to plan programs that help Scouts earn patches, beads or badges.

Borrow one of our Museum Passes for a homeschooling day out.

Contact us to coordinate community service internships for teens.