The Osterville Village Library Board of Library Trustees are a dedicated group of men and women who oversee the library building, determine library policy, and conduct fundraising activities which support the mission of this corporation. See below for our dedicated list of professionals.

The Osterville Village Library in the Town of Barnstable is an independent, private, non-profit corporation or association that contracts with the Town to provide public library service to the Town of Barnstable. To contact any trustee email

Name Expiration
Talida Flonta, President

2023 Office,
2024 Term

Irene Haney, Immediate Past President 2023 Office,
2023 Term
Claudia Mahoney, Vice President 2023 Office,
2024 Term
Richard J. Sullivan, Treasurer 2023 Office,
2025 Term
Ellen Merlesena, Secretary 2023 Office,
2024 Term
Richard Colman  2023
Shaelyn Hegarty 2025
Diane Pemberton 2023
Stuart W. Rapp 2024
Ellen Valentgas 2023
James P. Smith 2025
Carolyn Crossett Rowland, Trustee Emeritus  
Robert M. Bownes, Trustee Emeritus  
Cyndy Cotton, Executive Director